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iconThe Best Teaching Tool with the Worst Reputation

July 6, 2015 :: Originally published on Noba Project

Learning objectives have a bad reputation – they’re not fun to write, students don’t read them, they cramp our teaching style, they’re busy-work for accreditation, they’re a result of the assessment-driven, measurement-crazy education system – I’ve heard it all! And while I can’t deny that at various times I’ve believed most of these allegations, I recently made it my mission to repair learning objectives’ bad reputation.

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cattleThe Impact of CATL

April 1, 2015 :: Originally published on Teaching & Learning at UWGB

Now I might be a tiny bit biased, but I think UWGB’s CATL is probably the best in the country, and possibly even the world (or at least, we’re on our way.) We’re a space that faculty can rely on for professional development, pedagogical support and facilitation of community. And you can hang out with Jen, Dana and me!

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wrimoA Wrimo For Everyone

October 29, 2014 :: Originally published on Teaching & Learning at UWGB

As someone who was raised Irish Catholic, guilt is a major motivator for me. The general wisdom that the best writers write every day is fairly high on my list of things to feel guilty about along with flossing, starting a Roth IRA and filing all the receipts in my bottom drawer. So I feel that the WriMo movement was created just for people like me.

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qmHook, Line & Sinker at Quality Matter

October 27, 2014 :: Originally published on Teaching & Learning at UWGB

“Charting the Course”, “Navigating the Currents of Change”, “Set Sail on a Course Tour”, “A Voyage through QM”. The harbor-based puns (and subsequent groaning) came hard and fast at the 6th Annual Quality Matters Conference held in Baltimore, which I was lucky enough to attend and present at in September.

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jesseNot Just Digital

October 24, 2014 :: Originally published on Teaching & Learning at UWGB

Stommel is Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities at University of Wisconsin-Madison… Jesse was invited to talk about a range of topics including social media in the classroom, digital assignments, digital humanities, and collaborative student research. But for me, the day had one central theme – pedagogy.

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May 20, 2014 :: Originally published on Teaching & Learning at UWGB

The Wisconsin Women in Higher Education Leadership group, hosted by Dean Sue Mattison, met on campus recently to discuss the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain.

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surveysWhat Do We Need To Know?

May 6, 2014 :: Originally published on Teaching & Learning at UWGB

Last Fall the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning welcomed a new director. Professor Jennifer Lanter hit the ground running and quickly commissioned a faculty survey to assess the perception of the Center and to identify future areas of growth. The survey received a very healthy turnout with over 40 faculty responding from a broad range of academic units.

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freshmanThe Freshman Five

April 29, 2014 :: Originally published on Teaching & Learning at UWGB

Over 25 staff, faculty and students met recently to talk about the Rebekah Nathan’s ethnographical book My Freshman Year, the CATL Book Club selection for Spring 2014. With discussions led by Professor Denise Bartell of the GPS program, participants talked about Nathan’s insights into the Freshman experience. While the discussion and the reading led to many considerations, here are were my top takeaways!

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71-1038x576Don’t be the 71%

April 17, 2014 :: Originally published on Teaching & Learning at UWGB

By the time you are standing in front of a classroom of students, ready to teach for the first time, you have probably spent at least 20 years on the other side of the lectern. You have sat through years of wonderful, inspired teaching, and probably an equal amount of less than exhilarating lectures.

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